Building Your Home

Below are some steps to follow when you want to build your home

STEP 1: Land

You don’t own land and/or have necessary finances? Depending on your personal finances, you may need to seek a land loan or mortgage. Consider seeking pre-approval from a lending agency, so that you have a better idea of what you can afford. There is no obligation when you are pre-approved, nor does it obligate the lender to provide you with a loan. Seek real estate in newspapers, websites and keep your ears open for lots in your price range (use pre-approval amount as a possible guide).

STEP 2: Select an Architect or Draughtsman

Once land has been purchased, seek the services of an architect or draughtsman. Talk to him/her about what you want in your home or apartment. For example bay windows, number of bedrooms etc and about your budget.

STEP 3: Seek A Quote

Approach a home builder and request a quote after you’ve received the drawings.

STEP 4: If necessary seek a mortgage

You may require a mortgage depending on your personal finances, in relation to the cost to build your home or apartment. You can obtain a mortgage not only from the bank but also credit unions and other lending institutions.

STEP 5: Contract

Ensure that a contract is made between you and the builder (contractor). This will detail both your obligations to one another. Some contracts are set out in phases. Each phase outlines what percentage of the contract sum you will pay the builder.

STEP 6: Insure your home

Insure your home & move into your dream