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As long as you can remember, you’ve dreamt of a home… Not just any home – you’re own. You’ve opened the doors of your dream home 1,000 times. You can see yourself relaxing having dinner. Sometimes when you are walking or driving, you look at a house and you say to yourself “That design would look great on my home”.
How did we know? Many of our clients have described that same surreal experience to us. Our clients come from all walks of life. There is no difference between them and you, except they took action to bring their dream to reality! So if you need your dream home designed or your home/apartments built give us a call at 420-9808/234-8474 Today!!!

All projects have been completed on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of the department

Ministry of Heath

London explained that the 18 houses were divided equally between three contractors, but only one – Bradvin’s Enterprises – had completed its project so far

Nation Newspaper Sept 24, 2006

Bradvin’s did a great job on my home and I want them to build some apartments for me, so that I can have another means of revenue